Our Adoption Application (step 1 of 3)

We urge you to read and understand the responsibilities of owning a puppy. We encourage you to take well care and have an exercise plan for your puppy. Please agree that you understand to move on to the application page.

  • Do you realize these dogs can live 10-15 years?

  • Are you willing to commit?

  • Do you realize the expenses of the dogs needs (Spay/neuter, shots, food, grooming, training Etc.)

  • Are you willing to care for the dogs needs? (Food, shelter, vet care, attention and love)

  • Are you willing to taking your pup to training classes if needed?

  • Are you willing to contact us at anytime if you can no long care for this pup so we can help you re-home it?

  • Are you willing to make arrangements for someone to let the dog out mid day if you are gone over 4-6 hours?

  • Do you have a play and exercise plan for your new puppy?

Verified Screened Doodle Breeder

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