Please note:Our applications require a $300 non -refundable application fee that will be used to secure your spot on our waiting list for a puppy. If your application is denied for any reason, your application fee will be refunded. This is the only time the $300 application fee is ever refunded! We must receive your application fee in order to be approved for puppy adoption.

What to expect when you take home your Countryside Doodle!


  • Contract and Health Guarantee (26 months)

  • Health Certificate from our veterinarian

  • Shot Records

  • Copies of AKC or CKC papers on parents

  • Copies of Health Clearances on parents

Puppy Care package includes:

  • discount coupons for Verus Puppy food.

  • Lifetime support


(We send out surveys on all of our puppies to follow progress and record data for better breeding)


No Air Shipping Available


For the safety and the well-being of our puppies and to comply with the new regulations of a face to face visit before puppies can transfer ownership we will no longer be shipping puppies in cargo.


For those families that are out of state and can’t come pick up their puppy – there are 3 options to choose from to receive a puppy from Countryside.  


  • You can fly in to Washington Dulles Airport and transport the puppy in the cabin with you. We will be happy to meet you at the airport for extra $100 transportation fee

  • Depending on your location we might be able to personally car delver your puppy to you. Cost will depend on location.

  • You can have us accompany the puppy on the plane and fly into your nearest airport. Cost will depend on flight.

If we have a litter you are interested in e-mail us to see if we still have space available.


Fill out application and send with the non- refundable $300 application fee.

Please note: Applications are not reviewed and are deleted without the $300 application fee.


Once we receive your application. The application will be review and you will get an e-mail letting you know if your family qualifies for one of our puppies. If for some reason your application is denied by Countryside, we will refund the $300. (This is the only reason the $300 is ever refunded)


If you are flexible as to what time frame you can accept a puppy, you can fill out application and send the $300 non-refundable Application fee to be placed on a waiting list for future litters. If you choose this option You will be notified when we breed a dog that meets your requirements and you can let me know if the timing works or not. If not you will stay on the list for the next litter.


Please note: Applications are not reviewed and are deleted without the $300 application fee.





How we work here at Countryside


Once we breed for a litter, we will start accepting applications. We will only accept 4-6 applications for each litter before the litter is born. Once the litter is born we will accept more applications if needed.


When you fill out an application you are applying for a space for a puppy from a particular litter. Not a particular puppy in the litter.


If for some reason a puppy from that litter is not available your application will be held for the next litter that meets your requirements.


For those families that have a pup reserved, they will receive pictures of the litter as they grow. 1 day, about 2 ½ weeks and about 4-5 weeks and then a picture of the pup matched to their family at about 7 weeks.


 We do not use a picking order as we match the pups to families, and do not have families pick puppies. So it does not matter if you send the 1st application or the last application. I match pups to families from the info provided on the application (the more info the better). I put a lot of time and effort into evaluating each pup from birth until I match each one with a family. The only time that order of application is used is if I have 3 people that request a male and only 2 males are born.


The reason I match pups to families is because I have many years of experience with the doodle breeds. I am with these pups day in and day out 24hrs a day. I do not match pups to families until about 7 weeks of age, as by this time all pups have been to my vet and have a clean bill of health, I can then tell about what size I expect them to be as adults, I can then tell what coat type each pup should have (if you notice all pups are born pretty much flat coated) it takes time for the coat to grow so you can tell what coat type they will have. And of course by then they are showing their personalities. 


My hope is that this pup will be a part of your family for 10-15 years. I feel that it is not good judgment for a family to come out and spend maybe 30 mins to 1 hour meeting pups and pick a pup. As people may say “I like that one because it is the calmest, However that maybe the most active pup in the litter it just happened to be tired out that 1hr they visited” or they might say “I like that pup cause it is so cute” However, no matter how cute a puppy maybe, it’s personality may not be right for your life style” It take different personalities for different life styles. A puppy that goes to a family with several kids will be different then a puppy that goes to a retired couple. It is very important to me that these pups are placed in their forever homes!! I spend a lot of time to match these pups with the right families.


No puppies will leave here before at least 8 weeks of age. Once the pups are born, I will designate a pick up weekend for each litter. Any pup that is not picked up by the pickup date there will be a boarding fee of $20.00 a day added to the balance.


Any pup that needs to be shipped must be paid in full before shipping occurs.


Final Payment must be cash, certified check or money order (No personal check are accepted for final payments)


Please note: Applications are not reviewed and are deleted without the $300 application fee.


Prices range from 

$3500-regardless of size, generation, color, and age.


Contact us for further information regarding prices. 

Please note - We do not charge Our customers the WV sales tax!!  

Any WV sales tax due is paid by Countryside Doodles.

Due to the fact that most people do not register their doodles we no longer automatically give CKC registrations- However if you would like one for your pup please let me know and I will get one for you)

Additional Important Information