1) A crate - we recommend a wire crate with a divider so that the crate can be enlarged as your puppy grows. Sizes depends on puppy's estimated adult size 30x21x24 or 36x24x27.


2) A collar -  sizes varies depending on the brand of Collar. sizes 6-10,8-12,9-15

I do recommend a harness if you have small children  ​


3) A Leash - 4 foot or 6 foot   - I DO NOT recommend a retractable leash !!!                                                                                                                   

4) Puppy Food - We recommend TLC Puppy food -TLC is sold exclusively online and delivers their pet food for FREE, anywhere in Canada and the U.S. This is an all natural holistic food that your puppy has been eating!!  Why we choose to feed our dogs and proudly recommend TLC Whole Life Puppy Food. Delivering the ultimate balance of quality meats, animal fats, vitamins and minerals, TLC Whole Life Puppy Food provides everything your puppy needs to develop into a strong, healthy and energetic dog.

Order TLC Food here https://www.tlcpetfood.com/88358-1025


5) Puppy Treats - We recommend Pet Botanics Training Rewards. 


6) Toys - Hard rubber toys like (Kongs,nylabones), Balls - We highly recommend the Chuck it balls (the rubber ones). Usually we do not recommend soft stuffed toys at this age -as the puppies will be teething.    


7) Stain + Odor remover - to use to clean up any accidents that your puppy may have. Something like Nature's Miracle.


8) Shampoo - really any brand of puppy tearless shampoo. We like Bio-Grooms fluffy puppy brand or earthbath's Ultra mild puppy shampoo.  DO NOT USE HUMAN SHAMPOO !!


9) Grooming - get a metal comb and a slicker brush !! 


10) A Veterinarian - to give shots and medical attention. Shop around - not all vets are the same !!! Some vets will suggest stuff you don't really need !! Ask lots of questions !!


11) A dog trainer - someone that can answer any of your questions. Training is very important !! Puppies need to learn what is except able behavior and what is not .                 1st time puppy owners this is a must !!    

                                                                                                                                                WE STRONGLY SUGGEST PUPPY CLASSES !!