What's a Doodle Romp?? Doodle romps are gatherings for anyone who owns a Doodle. They are lots of fun! Great for families to socialize and meet new people. Share your stories about your Doodle, Look for brothers and sisters of your pup, enjoy some beautiful relaxing scenery, enjoy the company of hundreds of pups. Great for your doodle to have fun playing, and socializing with other dogs and visiting with litter mates. Take a break from the your busy life and have a little fun with your best friend !! Click images for more info and larger view!

Delaware Doodle Romp (Dewey Beach)

Doodle Romp 2014

This year my daughter Chrissy + I went to the romp. We took our up and coming breeder puppy Clover with us!

The weather as great (nice and sunny)  We had a great time visiting with some of our Countryside doodle families and making new friends!!! Guessing about 200 doodles came for fun

Delaware Doodle Romp (Dewey Beach)

Doodle Romp 2012

Guessing 100-150 doodles came out for fun. Got to visit with Minka, Aiko, and many other Doodles that were produced by Countryside.
Delaware Doodle Romp (Dewey Beach)

Doodle Romp 2010

Guessing 75 doodles came out for fun. Aunt Chris and myself took Lucy, one of my labradoodle pups and Layla to the romp this year!!
Delaware Doodle Romp (Dewey Beach)

Doodle Romp 2009

This year my Aunt Chris joined me for a weekend of Fun. The World's first litter of Mini Goldendoodles were born at our kennels on January 11, 2002 to our female Golden Retriever "Honey". Honey came to the Doodle Romp this year to announce her retirement and spend time with many of her offspring!! Also took a Goldendoodle puppy to the Doodle Romp to have lots of fun and to find a name. After receiving many suggestions on a name for this new breeding pup. Mama Mia won!

Doodle Romps 2006

Pennsylvania Doodle Romp
My husband Jack ,his daughter Jill and myself took Wachter's Lew Dew and one of our Chocolate Labradoodle pups to this doodle romp. About 25 Doodles came to play!
Florida Doodle Romp of 2006 (2nd 2006 Romp)
While attending the the Florida Breeders convention I also attended a Doodle Romp! About 35 Doodles attended this romp.

Doodle Romp 2005

Ellicott City, Maryland Doodle Romp
​This Romp was held at a doggie day care center so their was lots to do!!
Play ball, jump jumps, dig in the gravel and swim and play with all the other doodles.
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