Looking for families that would be a good fit for our Guardianship Program !!

What is a Guardianship Program and how does it work?

We sometimes place our potential breeding puppies in what we call Guardian homes.

How is works : 

 We pick selected puppies that we are planing to add to our breeding program. We place them in qualified family homes free of charge.

​The puppy is raised by the family as their family pet.

Regular dog care is the responsibility of the family.

Food, shots, deworming, heartworm preventive, medical care,grooming, training ect.

We retain all breeding rights, We pay for anything Breeding related, such as Health testing, breeding expenses, delivery expenses,  ect.

If the dog passes all our required health testing and we decide they are accepted in our breeding program, We contract  females for 4 litters , The dog comes to us for breeding, then back to family, then about 1 week before delivery the dog comes back to us to deliver, and is returned to family once pups are weaned. 

We contract males for 6 Years, dog comes to us for breeding, usually stay 1 week or use and return if possible.  

Once the breeding contract is completed we will spay/neuter the dog and she/he goes back to the family to live out rest of their life with their loving family. 

If interested in our Guardianship Program

send us an e-mail with why you feel you would make a great Guardian.

For more info you can contact us!!