Over the years we have received many testimonials that let us know how much their new family member is loved, how they have changed their lives, and how well they have become a regular part of the family, events, even working with their owners (see working Doodles page). If you have a testimonial to share with the world, contact us and let's hear how your life has changed since adding a Countryside Doodle to your life! Thank you to all of our customers since 2001!

Comet - F1 Labradoodle

"Comet has been a delight since the moment we got him. He is very intelligent,friendly and obedient. Other dog owners and even the vet commented on how well socialized, smart, and egar to please he is. To give you an idea: We preferred that as a young pup he not enter the living room, dining room and family room, because of the light carpet. We told him to "leave it" or "off" every time he put a paw on the carpet to step in those rooms. Within TWO DAYS, we no longer had to tell him, he just did not go there! Even if one of his toys bounced into those rooms, he would simply sit at the edge of the carpet and look longingly at us until we went and retrieved the toy from the other room. Even if we went in those rooms, he would stay out. So at less than 9 weeks old, he was reliably trained to stay in the kitchen and foyer area (plenty large) without us ever using a gate! Now that he is older. we allow him in those rooms when we are in there. But he is still not permitted in the finished basement or up stairs, and he doesn't even try to go there. He is such a good sweet dog. We love him! He is the best dog we could possibly hope for !!! Thank you so much !!! You did an excellent job with him we are so happy." - Justine

Beckett - F1 Goldendoodle

"Hi Debbie-
Attached you will find a pic of my son, Cameron and our dog - Beckett. 
( named after Josh Beckett- Red Sox pitcher ,..) Beckett is doing great- he has the best temperment- he is such an easy going dog- he loves to play, he is great with kids, and is very smart.  He also is a big "runner"- I take him for 3 to 5 mile runs when the weather is good and he loves it.


We are so lucky to have Beckett as part of our family" - Mary

Reggie & Tallie - F1 Labradoodle​s

"Hi Debbie, just and update on the kids, they had their last series of shots including rabies last night. Tallie has grown to more then Reggies original size ans weighs 19-20 lbs. Reggie is growing like a weed and now weighs 35 lbs. Both puppies are lively and inquisitive; they play with each other and really rough house. Tally gives as much as she gets. She loves to fetch but Reggie only wants to take the ball away from her or chase it until it stops rolling. They are going once a week to puppy kinder garden and seem to be pretty much the leaders of the pack. They are very social. They come on command, sit most of the time, we are working on the stay and lay down. They love to swim and both miss the pool being closed up for the winter, so they have taken to the spring house overflow. Mud doesn't seem to faze them and the frogs provide an excitable chase. Everybody is healthy and well adjusted. Tallie loves to ride in the car but poor Reggie gets car sick on anything longer than 20 minutes. We take them out a couple times a week and he has been doing better with that. We always go somewhere fun with new lights and smells which was our vet suggestion. Tallie is the brains of the bunch, very inquisitive and willful. She loves the water and loves digging. She is persistent if she has a goal she keep at it until she gets what she's after. She's a perfect match to her brother. These are great dogs and we enjoy them more everyday. Reggies is very affectionate and knows where we are at all times. He stays with us when we are out in the yard, and he "helps" with the gardening.

He's a great dog!!! - Bob

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Angel - F1 Goldendoodle

"Hello there!  I am sorry it has taken me so long to share some photos with you – our holiday was busy but WONDERFUL with our new ANGEL. The kids were STUNNED and SPEECHLESS on Christmas morning – we joke that she might forget how to walk because the kids keep carrying her and cuddling with her.  She has been great – already knows how to sit, lay down, shake and fetch. Hope you all had a great holiday!  We will be sure to keep in touch with updates and refer you all whenever we can.  Thanks for everything! " - Melissa

Bixie - F1 Labradoodle​

"We love Bixie! He is well behaved, but still has plenty of energy and personality. "He's so happy" and "He's so cute" are the usual compliments he gets. He is very gregarious and likes people. When we get tired he settles nicely and is very affectionate. For such a lively little guy he is incredibly good in his bath tub! He’s a good time Charlie! And he can stay alone in the house (loose) and be very content on his own, without getting into mischief - GREAT DOG! "​ - Katherine & Bruce

Watson - F1 Labradoodle​

"Watson is doing awesome; he is so smart and friendly and loves people, children, and other dogs. We are so happy with him. He is a true love! Thank you again, I may in the future want to get him a playmate and would look to purchase from you again." - Robin

Sidney - F1 Labradoodle​

"Hi Debbie, Both my husband and I agree Sidney has added years to our lives. We are so in love with her. She is growing beautifully and has a wonderful temperament. She has graduated from puppy kindergarten last week and is started puppy middle school next week. We just love her so much and cannot thank you enough". - Emily

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